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Company Profile

Both privately-held companies and publicly-traded ones face a similar set of challenges to their growth trajectory, profitability and corporate reputation. These challenges include branding, operational efficiencies, funding for business expansion and public perception. Through an integrated set of related services, IEC helps companies to realize their full potential.

Our goal at IEC is to minimize our clients’ cost of capital by helping them access capital, communicating their brands and in the end attain a market valuation that coincides with the performance of the company.

Our clients, especially Chinese companies, range from emerging, pre-IPO companies to mature multinationals and span virtually all major industry sectors. They seek our counsel in a variety of situations where the stakes are the highest, whether it’s preparing for an IPO, paving the way for a merger, managing a crisis, rebuilding a reputation, or communicating a significant change in a business model or strategy.

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